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Ayurveda Consultations

An initial consultation involves an in-depth overview of your elemental constitution and current state of health. Ayurveda is based on bringing balance to the doshas, which are Vata (air&ether), Pitta (fire&water), and Kapha (earth&water). Our lifestyle, daily routines, and diet are an important part of maintaining this balance. A proper diet for your constitution, herbs, daily routines, and seasonal cleansing treatments are personalized and recommended for optimal health. 



Ayurveda Initial Consultation $250, 90 minutes

Ayurveda Follow-up Visit $150, per hour

Vedic Astrology

Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) is a spiritual science that reveals the essence of who you really are on your soul journey. It sheds the light needed through understanding the four aims of one's life. What is your Dharma (purpose&vocation) in this lifetime, your means of Artha (livelihood&achievements), your Kama (desires&enjoyments), and then to Moksha (spiritual freedom). Your birth chart is a guide to navigate through your ripened karma. Jyotisha is a star based system, where the sidereal zodiac over the tropical zodiac is used. Rather than the emphasis being on your sun sign, as most are familiar in the west, it is on the placement of your moon and what was rising in the east the moment you were born. Jyotisha is known for its predictive capabilities, like no other. One of the most important reasons and uses for Jyotisha is called Muhurta. It is the art of auspicious timing for important events in one's life, like getting married, starting a business, moving into a new home, signing important documents, etc.



Vedic Astrology Initial Reading $250, 90 minutes

Follow-up Astrology Readings $150, per hour

Muhurta-Auspicious Timing $150, per hour 


Vastu Design

Vastu is the Indian Science of Placement and Architectural Design. A highly sophisticated art of creating as harmonious an environment possible based on your personal Vedic Astrology chart. There is no structure, doorway, or room that we enter on a regular basis that doesn't have an effect on our lives. All details are analyszed, from the most important being the area of a property, to the lot itself, such as its shape and slope, then the structure, and finally its ornamental design. Like clothes worn that do not quite fit, we conform to homes and places of work that we may not fit either. Our state of mind, health, wealth, family, friends, and experiences start to become affected by the Vastu with which we surround ourselves. A big change or small changes, such as meditation and yoga, also require considerations for auspicious spaces to be created. Vastu is a tool to help us live a more beautiful and artistic life.



Vastu Design Consultation $150, per hour


Yoga Therapeutics 

Yoga sessions designed to balance your Ayurvedic constitution, rejuvinating your body, mind, and spirit. Private or group sessions available.


Rates $150, per hour 


"I couldn't believe the difference in my skin following a guided seasonal cleansing with Rita. She also helped me to find a diet and lifestyle that helped me to feel balanced and much more grounded." 

Lindsey, client since 2016

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