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“I contacted Rita regarding help with a knee injury.  Ultimately, she guided me through Pancha Karma.  The treatments greatly reduced the inflammation in my knee and set me on a path to a healthier self.  I try to attend all of her Ayurvedic workshops, as they are positively transformative experiences. Rita is a wonderful yoga teacher; her classes both challenge and inspire and she is adept at modifying asanas to students' needs.  Rita’s spiritual practices really shine through in her teaching and all she does.  She is a deeply valued source of so much and I treasure her guidance.  Rita is a gem, and I am a true fan!”

-Janet B.    


“Rita’s knowledge of integrating Ayurveda, Jyotisha, Yoga, and Vastu addressed every issue toward my healing.  She gently guides/teaches you to continue your healing.  I cannot recommend Rita too highly for anyone serious about improving their health. Rita is gentle, knowledgeable and highly trained/capable.”

-Cynthia G.


“I have been studying yoga with Rita for twenty years.  I count myself and my family extremely lucky to have met Rita.  Rita's teaching style is unique.  She is a great communicator and has an acute awareness of how to work with students: explaining and demonstrating to ensure full understanding.  Through Rita's tutelage I have learned not only the importance of yoga, but also how Ayurveda, Jyotisha, and Vastu work together, precious gifts which help guide my family through life in health, happiness and gratitude.”

-Billee S.


“I committed to attending weekly yoga classes with Rita after a 10 year chronic back issue became immobilizing.  She was focused and sensitive with my ailment and provided the appropriate direction to help build strength and flexibility. After practicing with her for four months, I woke up one morning without feeling a pinch in my lower back.  I have lost 55lbs and feel amazing.  I have incorporated Ayurveda practices in my diet and lifestyle to keep my overall health on track. Thank you so much!”

-Tami C.

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